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Letsamaile T-shirt


Letsamaile T-shirt

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This one-of-a-kind graphic tee was designed by the learners of Letsamaile Primary School + designer Fritz Simon. When you wear this Letsamaile t-shirt you’re not only strengthening 350 learners with pride but you’re continuing to grow dreams with Dreamfields in rural communities throughout South Africa. Go head, represent Letsamaile + become a part of our team.

Letsamaile has 665 learners and 20 educators. More than 5% of the children are orphans, some of whom live in & manage children-run households.
School Motto: “Unity is Power”
Mission: We aim to achieve the vision through: well prepared educators, disciplined learners, maximum utilization of physical and financial resources to benefit learners and community.

+ Fritz Simon
/ designer
A ‘lover ‘of logos’ and lifelong ‘student of design’ — Frederic comes from a background in traditional fine art mediums, graphic design and motion graphics. As the Design Director at RadicalMedia in NYC, Frederic is responsible for establishing direction and furthering the quality of the studio’s multi­-disciplinary visual output. Leading the creation, concepting, and implementation of the design related components of RadicalMedia projects. Frederic joined RadicalMedia in 2005 where he has worked as a principle designer and creative on a range of clients and projects including IBM, Nike, Gagosian Gallery, Conservation International, Tommy Hilfiger, Grey Goose Vodka, Nasa’s Mission Juno, and Mayor Bloomberg’s reelection campaign, Ocean Health Index, 2015 Digital AIDS Quilt for ONE [RED], Culture Chanel No5 event website, live concert projections for Sting, product design for Mount Gay Rum, as well as branding and show­ packaging for a range of RadicalMedia produced television series and films.

artist’s note
For Letsamaile I wanted to make a mark that would feel like a real professional football club to the students. A strong symbol that they would feel both empowered by and proud to wear in games. So I started the design knowing it had to be bold and graphic and would take the shape of a FC badge or school crest.

In my mind the center piece of the badge had to be the school’s Lion mascot. Though the lion was represented lying down in profile on the school building, I wanted the lion in the mark to evoke more of a sense of power and strength — Sitting calmly and looking straight at you, his face emerging from the jungle, as if he is guarding the ball. Many of the students drawings contained stylized leaves and stars that I wanted to include as elements to frame the lion.

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