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Eckson T-shirt


Eckson T-shirt

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This one-of-a-kind graphic tee was designed by the learners of Eckson Masotja Primary School + illustrator/designer Sophia Chang. When you wear this Eckson t-shirt you’re not only helping 546 learners continue to shine but you’re continuing to grow dreams with Dreamfields in rural communities throughout South Africa. Go head, represent Eckson Masotja + become a part of our team.

Named after Eckson Masafja, the former cheif of the village, Eckson has 546 learners and 15 educators. More than 70 kids at the school are orphans and 10 of those children live in children-run households.
School Motto: “Education is Wealth”
Mission: To educate learners to be leaders who are determined,dedicated and committed to the world of science, technology, arts, sports and culture.”

+ Sophia Chang
/ illustrator + desginer
Hailing from the borough of Queens, Sophia is an avid and eccentric spirit, active in the art & design community. She works in all mediums of creative matter, from printmaking, apparel, websites, graphic design, illustration, consulting, curation and more. In her spare time she enjoys frolicking through the park with her dogs and giving them unconditional love.

artist’s note
After looking through the footage captured by VC+SA and going through the graphics designed by the students during the creative workshop, I was inspired by the different approaches each student had towards designing their own football pattern. I loved the way one student drew the sun as one star with many spikes, filled in. Another student had a defined lions face.

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