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Mabonwana T-shirt


Mabonwana T-shirt

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This one-of-a-kind graphic tee was designed by the learners of Mabonwana Primary School + designer Jayson Atienza. When you wear this Mabonwana t-shirt you’re not only inspiring growth and unity in young learners but you’re continuing to grow dreams with Dreamfields in rural communities throughout South Africa. Go head, represent Mabonwana + become a part of our team.

Mabonwana is in the rural community of Cottondale, where 90% of parents are unemployed with 10% working in nearby farms or distant cities like Johannesburg inevitably creating children-run households. For many children, school becomes their home and their family.
School Motto: “Education is Power”
Mission: Creating a caring compassionate environment.

+ Jayson Atienza
/ creative director + artist
Jayson Atienza is a creative director in advertising as well as an artist, living and working in NYC. He has collaborated with brands worldwide & most recently has released a custom canvas sneaker with Bucketfeet that is currently featured at Nordstrom nationwide, and selling in 20 countries.

artist’s note
In designing the Mabonwana football jersey, I was inspired by all of the students’ work, especially those works featuring the image of a tree. Trees have strong roots and grow tall, proud and strong. VC+SA is about student growth, rooted in personal and group development.

My logo features a tree growing proudly from a strong root, surrounded by a crest. These images combined symbolize the strength of students growing through the VC+SA program, and the school’s numerous accomplishments.

This program will undoubtedly serve as the backbone of bonding among students who will grow strong, learning solid life lessons as well as football skills. The students of Mabonwana are also learning independence.

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