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Sesete T-shirt


Sesete T-shirt

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This one-of-a-kind graphic tee was designed by the learners of Sesete Primary School + creative director James Spindler. When you wear this Sesete t-shirt you’re not only representing 812 strong & fearless learners but you’re continuing to grow dreams with Dreamfields in rural communities throughout South Africa. Go head, represent Sesete
+ become a part of our team.

With 812 learners and 28 educators, Sesete is one, (if not the) largest school in the Cottondale area. The school is named after the river next to the school, where community members fetch water to drink.
School Motto: “Read. Educate. And Develop.”
Mission: To foster parent involvement in the education of their children, promote mutual relationships with learners, parents and educators at school.

+ James Spindler
/ creative director
James Spindler is a prolific designer and visual communicator working in print, film, television and interactive media with some of the world’s most innovative brands and cultural organizations. Specializing in defining and building brands, James’s recent projects include the critically acclaimed Gagosian for iPad, a quarterly art application that provides unprecedented access to the global network of Gagosian fine artists and galleries, the Grammy® Award nominated Sting 25 music and tablet app project and collaboration with Maya Lin on ‘What Is Missing?,’ a permanent installation at the California Academy of Arts and Sciences. James also developed the identity and interactive films for Mission Juno to Jupiter which received NASA’s Group Achievement Award in 2012.

As an identity design consultant, James continues to build on the extensive experience he garnered as Executive Vice President / Creative Brand Director for Coach, a global luxury brand and Chief Creative Officer of Radical Media, an international transmedia company that develops, produces, and distributes projects including television, feature films, music programming, commercials, interactive design, exhibitions and events. 

artist’s note
The students were really the creative directors. I merely helped come up with a format that would include their thoughts and would complement the existing school crest. They had such clear and inspiring vision and wanted to include snakes and sunflowers to represent their team. The final logo complements the existing school crest and features two intertwined snakes that mirror the double S letterforms in the school name.

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