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Sihlekisi T-shirt


Sihlekisi T-shirt

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This one-of-a-kind graphic tee was designed by the learners of Sihlekisi Primary School + designer Sthembiso Mngadi. When you wear this Sihlekisi t-shirt you’re not only helping 414 learners continue to soar but you’re continuing to grow dreams with Dreamfields in rural communities throughout South Africa. Go head, represent Sihlekisi + become a part of our team.

Sihlekisi Primary has 414 learners and 12 educators. 30% of the learners are orphans. Sihlekisi was one of very few schools that taught art to their leaners and filled the schools with beautiful murals.
School Motto: “Knowledge is Strength”
Mission: To create a climate favortable to all involved, and in which the learner can reach their full potential.

+ Sthembiso Mngadi / designer
Born and bred kwaMaphumulo (KZN), currently residing in Johannesburg (Gauteng), Sthembiso is also a founder of The Projects of Sthe55 Non-Prof Organization & St. Designs. His professional crafts include graphic design, illustration and advertising related photo edit and retouching. Sthembiso attaches special attention to the development of web sites, interactive applications, motion graphic and the numerous subjects related to graphic design and digital art.

artist’s note 
In designing the SIHLEKISI football jersey I wanted to make sure that I honored the children that I met. As the only chosen artist to actually go on the first trip I got to see these children first hand. I saw their enthusiasm and creativity outshine their conditions. I hope that my logo will help show the same hope that I saw in them.

The illustration that stood out the most was a soccer ball with wings. It made me think of an uplifting spirit. That was one of my foundations for the logo. I wanted to conveyed the children’s love for the game. Some of the attributes that I thought that should include is unity, strength, success, performance and play.

The unity came from the combination of many of the children’s thoughts being integrated into one cohesive design. The strength is showed by the banner that proudly shows their school name. The success is displayed by the shooting stars. Performance is shown by the speed lines of the font along with the swiftness of the wings. The play comes from the center of what helps their passion. The ball.

All together the logo is a monolithic visual which uses a single logo for the team with prescribed language elements across all activities. The iconography portrays Sihlekisi not as a school, but as a community that lives their passions and champions their aspirations!

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